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Bali Island / December 26, 2022

Living room with cellular shadesBali Cellular Shades have a wide appeal—some customers love how they manage the light, some are drawn to their uber-effective insulation, and others just love their crisp, stylish folds, available in a huge selection of colors and patterns.

Triple Your Benefits with Cellular Shades
The truth is, cellular shades offer a trifecta of great qualities. No matter what matters to you most, you’ll enjoy many benefits by adding cellular shades to your décor!

Cellular shades provide great insulation which is key to your comfort, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The honeycomb shaped cells that make up cellular shades trap air in fabric pockets, which help the shades slash summer heat gain by up to 56% and reduce winter heat loss by 22%—keeping you cozy and saving money on energy bills year-round.

With more than 150 trend-right colors and patterns set on surprisingly soft, luxe fabrics, our Bali Cellular Shades give you plenty of options for customizing your look. We’ve got just the right shade for your shade, textures that make you look twice, and bold patterns and colors that catch everyone’s attention.

cellular shades 101 dark to light opacity optionsControl:
Whether you need complete darkness to get a good night’s sleep; or you prefer low lighting to get a clear view of your computer or TV screen; or you want to wake up to a flood of sunshine, but then dial it down in the afternoon, cellular shades are a perfect choice for controlling ambiance of the room. Available in four different opacity levels, cellular shades allow you to regulate the light, so your room is as bright or dark as you want it to be.

  • Blackout: If you like your bedroom or media room to feel like an impenetrable fortress, try a blackout shade in a deep fabric color with an outside mount. These offer the most light control.
  • Room Darkening: Objects seen through these shades appear as vague shapes. They allow minimal light to enter the room, while deeper fabric colors provide an even darker room.
  • Light Filtering: A good all-purpose shade, these give your space a gentle glow.
  • Sheer: In rooms where you don’t need total privacy, these shades let in quite a bit of light.

Even More Ways to Play with Light
Another great way to manipulate the light coming into a room is with unique control options and combination shades

Bottom Up/Top Down- Corded or Cordless
For ultimate flexibility in managing light and privacy, try a bottom up/top down shade. Lowering this shade from the top or raise it from the bottom, or both!

Sun Up/Sun Down—Corded or Cordless
If you like variety, this option lets you combine whichever two styles, colors, or patterns! Choose a sheer fabric up top and one with more light control on the bottom, and you’ll always be satisfied with the amount of light control you have in your space.cellular shades combined with pleated shades With this multi-fabric option you can adjust the shades throughout the day to regulate your light and privacy, but with no cords to distract from the fabulous textiles you’ve chosen.

Explore Your Lift Options
Whether you prefer cords or not, you’ve got a variety of options in how you lift and lower your shades.
• Continuous-loop lift is exactly what it sounds like—it raises and lowers the window treatment without changing the length of the cord.
• Cordless lift provides a clean, streamlined appearance; ideal for homes with children or pets since it eliminates the safety hazard of dangling cords.
• With you can raise and lower shades individually or as a group with the touch of a button, or integrate the controls into a home automation system. Simple and easy to use, motorized lift can be programmed to change the position of your shades throughout the day, increasing energy efficiency and providing security when you’re away.

Maintain Your Shades
To make sure your cellular shades are as beautiful as the day you bought them, here are a few tips for keeping them clean. First, give them a regular dusting. If they’re a bit too dirty for a feather duster, feel free to lightly vacuum using a brush attachment. If your shades are actually soiled, you can spot clean them with a soft rag or sponge and mild detergent in warm water. (Don’t use strong detergents, spot removers, or get them dry cleaned. The results will not be pretty.)

Now It’s Up to You!
There are so many ways to enhance your home and show off your style with cellular shades. Shop Bali Cellular Shades here or see how to order your own free swatches here!

cellular shades in a nursery with bottom up top down lift light blue cellular shades in a living room Cellular and Pleated shade sample book Bali Blinds

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