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Bali Island / April 9, 2023

After rocking in Bali for more than 20 years, Hard Rock Cafe has decided to open a brand-new location at Ngurah Rai International Airport. Make Hard Rock Cafe Bali Airport your destination for great food, entertainment, and merchandise while waiting on your next flight, or even right after you land.

Experience the Rich Culture of Bali & Hard Rock

As one of the most famous islands in Indonesia, Bali is an attractive vacation destination for surfers, thrill seekers, and rockers from around the world. It is even the home of well-known guitarist Balawan and the punk rock band, Superman Is Dead. Balinese people infuse music and instrument in their everyday lives as part of tradition, during both social gatherings and spiritual worship. This is why Bali is a perfect destination for a Hard Rock Cafe, as our entire restaurant is infused with music – from the tunes playing over the speakers throughout the cafe to the collectible memorabilia lining the walls.

Flight Delayed? Hang out with Us!

Waiting on a flight is much more enjoyable when you dine at Hard Rock Cafe Bali Airport. You’ll find our cafe in the International Departure Terminal on the flight departure side near Gate 3. Our 330-square-meter cafe has seating for 116 guests, a large sit-down bar with two wide-screen TVs, a famous collection of music videos and memorabilia, and The Rock Shop®. Be sure to stop in for a Legendary® Burger or to pick up some collectible Hard Rock Cafe Bali Airport merchandise.

Source: www.hardrock.com