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ritz carlton sawangan Bali

Bali Island / November 14, 2023

10 “The bed is very fluffy. The villa is very extraordinary. Worth every penny. Service are very wonderful. We lost our engagement ring in the villa but the butlers were very helpful and do everything to their power to help us find it.”


10 “Warm and very friendly service from the staff. The Club lounge with the exclusive pool was fabulous.”


9.6 “By far, this is the best stay I have ever had. Their Ladies and Gentlemen were excellent. I could feel their sincere hospitality with genuine smile equipped with World class service. Especially, Club Lounge staffs, they were always anticipating guests need and deliver beyond your expectation. Definitely, a great place to repeat your vacation and spend longer days.”


9.6 “Everything perfect! Service, food, breakfast, staff - everything but.”


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