Star Bugar Jaya Spa & Massage (Bali) | Jakarta100bars Nightlife

Riverview Spa Bali

Bali Island / May 3, 2023

It offers sexual spa services of 3 kinds:

  • For 450k, you will get a standard massage with a happy ending: Massage Plus Plus (handjob).
  • For 950k, you would apparently get a room with a jacuzzi, where the girl would go naked with you. It would then be followed by a massage, then sex (full service).
  • For 1, 7M, you would get 2 naked girls going in the jacuzzi with you, then it would turn into a massage and ultimately a threesome.

I live in Legian and I had never heard there was massage parlours in Bali offering sexual or sensual services before. I will not try this place but if one of the readers go there, I would be happy to receive the feedback!

The place is a bit tricky to locate so I put in the map (look for the arrow with River View Massage Parlour Bali).

Riverview Spa Bali

Jalan Kresna 04 (by the river of Jalan Nakula)

Legian, Bali

Phone number: +62-3

BB Pin: 2B4AED27

Opening Hours:

The spa is open from 11am to 11pm, everyday of the week.

On their website (River View Massage Bali), you can see the pictures of the massage girls (if you have member access). I took all the pictures from their website, if you have your own pictures of the facilities, do not hesitate to send me more realistic shots...

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