The hotel in Bali that

Bali Elephant Resort

Resort / January 16, 2023

Welcome to the most unique resort on the island of Bali set within 3.5 hectares of the multi award winning Elephant Safari Park, Taro. A luxury private purpose built 25 room safari style lodge which offers a world exclusive experience to interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and stay with 29 beautiful Sumatran elephants, one of the most rare and endangered species of elephants left in the world today.

Featuring all the trappings of a luxury boutique resort, the Elephant Safari Park Hotel Lodge is for everyone from elephant lovers, children and families and for those who enjoy peace and tranquility of being ensconced in beautiful tropical parkland surrounds. The Lodge is also ideal for couples seeking a unique and intimate romantic getaway in one of the most spectacular settings in Bali. The perfect tropical venue for Bali weddings and honeymoons.


- Bali's 'MOST UNIQUE' Hotel

- Hotel situated in the Elephant Safari Park

- Elephant chauffeur pick from rooms

- FREE!... All rides, Day Trek & Night Safari

- Voted Bali's No.1 'MUST SEE' attraction

- Elephant bathing... Exclusive guest sessions

- Wander through the botanical gardens

- FREE safari park access all day

- Access to 4 elephant shows daily

- Access to baby elephants nursery area all day

- Pool, Spa and viewing terrace access

- Experience 'Palm Grove' dining each night

- Relax in the 'Mammoths Head' bar

- Fully equipped gym and weights room

- Exclusive access to all services and activities

- Exclusive staff to organise:

- Discount to all Bali Adventure Tours

- Discount Spa Treatments

- Ubud shopping trips organised

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