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Bali Resort infinity pool

Resort / January 16, 2023

Indonesia, here we come. 🌴

With white sand beaches, treehouse lodges and floating bars, Bali is high on most travelers’ bucket lists. Well, now you can make that dream a reality for $65 a night.

One hotel on the southern tip of the tropical island is offering rooms for just 867, 720 Indonesian rupiahs per night — the equivalent of $65 — if you make a reservation before the end of May for a stay before Dec. 2017.

It’s called the Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa, and it looks pretty amazing:

The room that’s available at the $65-a-night rate is the “Lagoon Villa.” It’s a two story room, with a living room on the ground floor and a bedroom up top. Here’s a photo of several of the Lagoon Villas:

Yes, you can walk straight from your room into the hotel’s 200-foot “lagoon-inspired” infinity pool.

The $65/night Lagoon Villa.

The hotel has an on-site spa offering full-body massage (with a facial) for $70 an hour.

With more than 900 TripAdvisor reviews, Villa Seminyak has a four (out of five) star rating, which is pretty solid. “This was our first time to Bali and our stay at Seminyak estate and spa was lovely, the villa was exceptionally clean, spacious and the staff were very friendly, ” writes a traveler who stayed there in April.

Some reviewers complained about the air conditioning not working well, so if you go, make sure to get a room that has a working unit.

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