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Resort / January 18, 2023

Best Luxury Hotels in Bali - St Regis Gardenia Pool VillaThe best luxury hotels in Bali

St Regis Bali Resort

The St Regis Bali Luxury Gardenia Villa – A honeymooners dream come true

What you’ll like:
  • This gated enclave of five star hotels is a world onto its own. Perfect for families and for keeping Bali’s notorious tropes away from your vacation.
  • No standard rooms. At the St Regis, it’s Suites and Villas only, and they’re massive.
  • The St Regis Butler service. One of the best reasons to book any hotel in their portfolio.

Tucked away behind the gates of Nusa Dua, and set on it’s very own stretch of beach, the St. Regis Bali Resort delivers balinese traditions and a “holiday in the tropics” vibe in a sleek, contemporary hotel that wouldn’t look amiss on the streets of New York.

It’s not all about looks though. The resort comes with some of the largest rooms on the island ( the smallest at 92m2) and many have private pools and bale bengongs ( Balinese gazebos) to laze about in while enjoying the attentions of your private butler, (available at every room category of the hotel).

The St. Regis Bali Resort is home to the Kayaputi, widely considered the best restaurant on the island, and with 7 other dining options to back it up, the St. Regis easily comes out on top as the best culinary destination on the island.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

  • The sense of calm that permeates the whole hotel.
  • Romantic diners under the stars at the Lotus Pond are a must if you’re traveling together.
  • Views over the jungle and Ayung river are second to none

Part 5 star luxury resort and part spiritual escape, the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is one of most unique hotels in our portfolio and on the Four Seasons roster. Found in Ubud amid the undulating rice fields and tropical foliage of the sleepy hillside village of Sayan, the resort’s spa and wellness program’ blend of therapy and spiritual counselling has people flying over just for a checkup.

With philosophical talks led by a former Buddhist monk, laughing therapy yoga, and liberal use of Himalayan salt poultices whenever you settle down for a session, you’ll walk away from the experience feeling like a new you. The serenity doesnt exist only within the spa. All of the resort’s 60 villas overlook the waters of the sacred Ayung river, and the sun rises over the Four Seasons’ hillside infinity pool are a thing of wonder.

Viceroy Bali

Viceroy Bali – Infinity Pool

  • The limited number of rooms makes this one of the most intimate hotels in our collections.
  • Excellent French fare served at the CasCades restaurant
  • The Breathtaking views of the Petanu River

The Viceroy Bali has the luxury amenities and service you’d expect to find in a sprawling 5 star Balinese resort.

Every villa comes with a private plunge pool and gazebo, there’s a helicopter pad for zippy entrances and exits, and its massive infinity pool overlooks Ubud’s lush jungles like a watery temple of zen. Impressive enough, but what really makes this family owned resort stand out, is the fact that there’s only 25 villas to its name, the smallest of which come in at a palatial 150 m2. Thanks to the acres of space at your disposal and limited room count, the Viceroy Bali is easily one of the best couple’s retreats you’ll come across in Indonesia and in our collections.

The Legian Bali

The Legian Bali – Poolside

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