Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan - Reviews, Photos & Rates

Four Seasons Resort Bali

Resort / July 31, 2023

Cascading down a hillside to a sweeping bay, Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay is the perfect base for immersing yourself in on-site cultural experiences, all-day beach lifestyle, and the shopping, attractions and dining of south Bali. An expansive and elegant private Balinese villa inspired by traditional architecture awaits you. Soak up the ocean views from your plunge pool, Balinese-inspired spa rituals and dramatic hilltop and oceanside dining as you’re immersed in the mystique of this spiritual land.

In the central highlands near Ubud, Four Seasons Sayan invites you to an intimate hideaway nestled between two rivers. Entrance to this architectural icon is via a footbridge high above the treetops, which brings you to a stunning rooftop lobby pond to start your descent into paradise. Retreat from the world in spacious suites and private villas submerged in the jungle. Visit Sacred River Spa for chakra-rebalancing treatments, meet the resident Wellness Mentor for meditation and Life Talks, and enjoy eclectic dining at the edge of the Ayung River.

Five-Star Highlights

Nourish the body and reveal a naturally harmonious path to inner change.

Expert Tropicsurf guidance for unparalleled local wave knowledge and bespoke surfing experiences.

Recharge with a suspended mid-air Sacred Nap, a guided Mala Meditation and Life Talks with our resident Wellness Mentor and former Buddhist Nun, Ibu Fera.

Till the soil, picnic al fresco and "spa" Ayung River style. Discover the secrets of rural Balinese living.

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