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ramada camakila Bali Resort

Resort / October 28, 2023

Ramada Resort Camakila located in heart of Legian and directly in front of Legian beach is a rare sanctuary that can be found on the legendary and mysterious island of Bali, offers modern amenities along with resort style accommodation. Guests of the Ramada Resort Camakila Bali will be able to walk to the Kuta and Seminyak districts, where they will find a number of nightlife venues, shopping centers, and entertainment options. Amenities of Ramada Resort Camakila include a garden, a lagoon swimming pool, a beach swimming pool, a spa treatment center, a restaurant, and a bar. Additionally, the hotel offers a laundry service, a fitness center, and a sauna . it is the ultimate chic resort and an independent destination.


All rooms at Ramada Resort Camakila are open to balconies. The 117 air-conditioned guestrooms at Ramada Resort Camakila include minibars and safes. Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access is provided. Rooms are equipped with flat-panel televisions with premium satellite channels. In-room refrigerators, coffee/tea makers, and complimentary bottled water are provided.

The Resort consist of 114 Deluxe Rooms ( size 36 Sqm) located on 4 floors, they offer guests a choice of views, overlooking either the hotel's pool or the lush landscaping, 2 Daladala Suite ( Size 50 Sqm) featuring their own bed room and living room, private balcony with lagoon pool view or lush tropical garden, and 1 Camakila Suite ( Size 100 Sqm) an luxurious spacious accommodation located on top floor with prime Legian beach view. The Camakila Suite comprises of a spacious living room, stylish bedroom, and private dining room.


The Eurasian cuisine restaurant by the beach is the perfect spot for a casual meal and a wide array of dining choice with a view to the lagoon pool. The bar, located on the upper floor of the restaurant, offers some light snacks and drinks.

General Facilities

Ramada Resort Camakila has a full-service spa, 2 outdoor swimming pools, a health club, and a sauna. Wireless Internet access is complimentary in public areas. Business amenities at this 4-star property include a business center and a meeting/conference room. The staff can arrange tour assistance and currency exchange. Additional amenities include a fitness facility, laundry facilities, and a garden. Guest parking is complimentary.

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