10 Best Beach Resorts in Bali - Most Popular Bali Beachfront Resorts

recommended Resort in Bali

Resort / January 19, 2023

For divine beaches, brand shopping and luxury head to the southeast coast of Bali.

Grand Mirage Resort 4.5*

The perfect family hotel situated right on the beach. Swim up pool bar, kids club, water sports in the sparkling ocean and delicious restaurants.

Romantic Tip: Even if you're not staying at Samabe, book a romantic secluded cave dinner for 2 on your own private beach. Find out more...

Peninsula Beach Resort 4*

Great location, close to markets and restaurants. Nice big pool for a leisurely break.

Novotel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Residences 5*

Massive family suites, kids clubs and multiple swimming pools. Located near the Bali Collection shopping mall rather than the beach and restaurants.

For beachfront dining or a low-key stay, you can be a relaxed recluse in your resort or stay with the locals. Situated on the southwest coast just a few minutes south of the airport.

InterContinental Bali Resort 5*

A much-loved expansive resort right on the beach. Complete with lavish club lounge, pool bar, well-equipped kids club, multiple restaurants and of course, happy hour. A 2-minute walk to the famous Jimbaran seafood restaurants.

Le Meriden Bali Jimbaran 5*

This hotel is unbelievably scenic with a saltwater lagoon that winds around the hotel. Literally next door to the Jimbaran seafood restaurants and a 1-minute walk to the beach. The roof-top restaurant offers the best Jimbaran sunset views. On-site chapel is well-suited for destination weddings.

Sun Island Suites, Goa Gong 5*

For the absolute private and exclusive escape. Your own large spacious villa with fully equipped kitchen and private pool means you needn’t ever leave.

For the hustle and bustle of tourist-centric Bali stay in Kuta. Closest to the airport along the west coast, packed with restaurants, waterparks, markets and malls.

Sheraton Kuta 4.5*

Looking for a kid-centric hotel in central Kuta, you can’t go past the Sheraton. Located right on Kuta Beach next door to the famous Beachwalk Mall. Amazing food designed by the Italian head chef, and a kids club that left our kids wanting more. Infinity pool overlooks the most famous beach in Bali, but elevated enough to escape the noise and bustle.

Sun Island Hotel Kuta 4.5*

Bali Dynasty Resort 4.5*

Use to be our favourite, but prices have increased significantly since our first visit. Great kids pool, adult pool bar and comfortable family rooms.

Febris Hotel & Spa 4*

A budget option for families in Kuta, opposite the Dynasty Resort on the district’s most popular road.

Harris Hotel & Residences Sunset Road 4*

Another great budget hotel with a 2-bedroom suite option and pool. Located on Sunset Road so a bit of a walk (or taxi ride) to where you want to be.

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Close to the action of Kuta, located further inland, but with an emphasis on nightlife. You can find well-known clubs and pubs in the area and loads of rooftop bars.

Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian 4*

On the main road, right in party heaven. Amazing roof top infinity pool with swim up bar, or enjoy the sunset from the 5th floor while the kids swim in the wading pool.

White Rose Kuta Resort, Villas & Spa 4.5*

A beautifully traditional taste of Bali. This classic resort is hidden away in Legian, but still a short walk from shopping and restaurants. Relaxing pool and comfortable rooms.

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For a more upmarket version of Kuta, head north to Seminyak. It’s a little more relaxed than Kuta and you’ll find more private villas, but still a wide range of good restaurants and markets galore.

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