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Bali beauty salon

Bali Island / December 28, 2022

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Our architect, Ruud van Oosterhout, created an environmentally friendly design that blends in perfectly with the local surroundings. It was constructed using local materials, preserving the area’s natural beauty and making use of the local economy.

The salon – offering hair, make-up and beauty treatments – is spread across three small buildings with roofs supported by pillars. A design inspired by the traditional Balinese village communities. The salon offers a stunning view over the rice fields. The buildings are connected by stepping stones over water.

Rob Peetoom
The Hair Spa is a beautiful place, with an amazing atmosphere of peace and serenity. It’s the perfect backdrop for the pure and natural treatments we offer here.”


Fabulous hair, face and beauty treatments in Bali. Relax completely and in the mean time have someone else make you look and feel great.
Besides hair treatments, our Hair Spa also offers a range of wonderful beauty treatments.TREATMENTS Come along for a hair colour, cut or blow-dry, or go for an indulgent Hair Treatment, Facial Treatment or special Keratin Treatment. We’ll make you look your most beautiful!


Peace; Pleasure; Beauty – our Bali Hair Spa has all this and more! Our gorgeous salon is a modern take on traditional Balinese style. The salon is divided over 3 buildings and constructed using local building materials, giving it this familiar and traditional feel.

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