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Bali tour Guide

Bali Island / December 26, 2022

Escape the crowds in Kuta with your own private guided tour of magical Bali, Indonesia. Your own local guide will open your eyes to wonders few tourists get to see, and ensure you take home unique memories of this island paradise.

Witness an active volcano up close, as your Bali Tour takes you to Mount Batur and an unforgettable view of its steaming caldera. Explore the cliff top temple of Ulu Watu while listening to the pounding surf below or slip into a sun-induced haze on Sanur Beach. Savour the splendid local cuisine and cultural performances offered up in Ubud's myriad of Balinese restaurants - let your experienced Bali tour guide bring you to just the right one. With a local guide from ToursByLocals, the island is yours to explore.

Few places in the world rival the physical beauty and cultural richness of Bali - make sure you get the most out of your trip here with just the right Bali tour. Immerse yourself in all the island has to offer with a private Bali tour.


Tour in Ubud, Indonesia:
"Our guide was very good and it was a pleasure to support the local economy especially when it was half the price of one..."

Tour in Ubud, Indonesia:
"Nyoman is the BEST Tour Guide we have had the pleasure of spending the day with: A+ Nyoman's English is excellent; he i..."

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