Bali Restaurant, Hong Kong - 10 Nanking St, Jordan / Yau Ma Tei

Bali restaurant hong kong

Bali Island / May 24, 2023

The Fearless Photographers Conference in Bali was around the corner and we decided to add a few days extra to the trip and make a holiday of it. We first went to Hong Kong and spent 5 days there. We stayed at the BP International Hotel next to Kowloon Park. Initially we thought that if we stayed right in the middle of Hong Kong we would have more access to all the most interesting places. We were wrong. Every square inch of Hong Kong is “The most interesting place in the world”. The sights, the sounds, and the smells. It is all a sensation(al) overload in every possible way. We absolutely loved Hong Kong, despite its 40 degrees centigrade and 2314% humidity on a cool day.The food experience in Hong Kong is hard to explain, you have to go there with an open mind. You will see things on menus that you won’t be able to comprehend. I would easily rate Hong Kong as one of my top three cities in the world. The second I left, I was already planning another trip back. We flew to Bali after our five days in Hong Kong, in expectation of the Fearless Photographers Conference. A small disclaimer; you spend at least 3 hours at the airport, they scan your suitcases at least 3 times, then it’s your visa and then onwards to passport control. This is a place where you will age significantly.