10 Best Spots to get your Scuba Diving Certification in Indonesia

Diving license Bali

Bali Island / January 16, 2023

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One of the most beautiful islands in the world, you may know Bali as Indonesia's most popular holiday island, but it is also one of its best dive spots and highly affordable. Many visitors find the combination of fascinating cultural attractions as well good shore-based resort diving set against the stunning Balinese back drop of huge volcanoes and picturesque rice paddy terraces simply irresistible.

Equally attractive are the mola mola, mantas, sharks and coral reefs, plus the shallow shore dive that is famous wreck of the warship the USS Liberty. Together they make Bali a highly diverse dive destination, as well as one that is suitable for non-divers.

Mythical and magical, a diamond shaped tropical island (140 km by 80 km) of spectacular volcanic mountains and lakes, enchanting rice terraces, ancient temples and palaces, surrounded by sparkling and warm coral seas, picturesque Bali is alight with its own unique culture and traditions. You may be surprised by Bali's modern tourist facilities, but you will be amazed by its medieval culture - still a vibrant civilisation, very much alive and breathing in its golden age. This helps explain the island's enduring popularity with so many holidaying couples and families.

A pink beauty in Bali, IndonesiaWhere to Stay

While most tourists stay in the towns of the south, the best dive sites are spread out across the island in the more pleasant and less populated regions, and on the neighbouring islands of Nusa Penida and Lembongan. This means that, if you want to experience the best scuba diving on offer in Bali, you'll need to choose a resort location or two; and you'll get a great overview of this majestic island whilst doing so!.

Sightseeing and Things to Do

From the "happening" Kuta suburb you can easily go sailing, rafting, quad biking, canyoning, fishing, scuba diving or simply sightseeing around Bali and still be back at your resort in time for happy hour.

Kuta is also the best place to learn surfing, and there are more advanced breaks for experienced surfers at Suluban Beach, to the south, Padang Padang, Bingin and Balangan.

More details on these dive resort options for Lembongan IslandThere's a water sport day trip facility suitable for adults and families alike at Lembongan Island. Here, you'll find water slides in the sea, windsurfing, banana boats, sailing, diving trips at Nusa Penida and afternoon beach BBQ buffets - all just a high speed catamaran ride away from Benoa. Lembongan offers the kind of laid-back water's edge restaurants and accommodation that can be difficult to find in the more built up beaches of the main island. You can also watch the locals harvesting seaweed and the children flying their huge, ornate kites. There's also a water park at Tuban - Waterbom Park.

However, if you want to discover what the real Bali is all about, we'd encourage you to get away from the tourist hotspots and take a ride around the scenic mountains to the north and central. Take in the stunning vistas of rice terraces and coconut palm stands at Ayung River or Tegalalang Valley.

Visit the settlement of Bayung Gede, an intact pre-Javanese village, and course the caldera rim road of the volcanic mountain, Gunung Batur. Here's the magical sight of the scenic Danau Batur crater lake housing Pura Batur, Bali's second most important temple. Make sure you are appropriately dressed to enter a temple though, with long trousers or skirt, sleeved top, and temple sash. Further north you'll find Ulun Danu, a stunning Buddhist temple standing high up on Lake Bratan.

More details on this resort diving option for the Bali mainlandMost of Bali's considerable artistic prowess and energy is exercised on the sculpting of god effigies, palatial pavilions, pagodas and doors, and paintings of ceremonial paraphernalia. Its greatest art form is its classical architecture, characterised by temples with graceful roofs and narrow gates. Colourful processions mark most days, with their attendant bands, costumed gods and towering offerings, moving between one temple and another.

In the foothills of Mount Agung is Pura Besakih, the mother temple. This complex dates from pre-historic times and has been the state temple since the 16th century. Nearby at Kamasan you can watch painters working at the ancient craft of cloth puppet making.

Art connoisseurs will love the village of Ubud, Bali's centre of cultural tourism. Here, there's Puri Lukisan Museum, featuring excellent work by all Balinese schools of art, and Neka Museum which features collections of more modern paintings and photographs. Here you can relax on your balcony cooled by the breezes that waft over the highland paddy terraces and watch the farmers bend and stoop in coolie hats as they tend their crops. Nearby is Sangeh Monkey Forest, a nutmeg forest and home to Hanuman, the monkey-god.

To the far south on Badung Peninsula, stands the sublime cliff-top temple monument of Pura Ulawatu, carved from coral lime stone in the 16th century. To the west of Kuta stands Tanah Lot temple, standing on an offshore rock. Many tourists come here to watch the sunset.

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