Guest house Bali au Naturel, Tejakula, Indonesia -

Bali au Naturel Resort

Resort / June 23, 2023

"Bali au Naturel" caters to the discerning traveler who wishes to relax in exclusive tropical, clothes-freeand peaceful surroundings, with beautiful landscaped gardens - a perfect backdrop for the demanding traveler in search of nature and luxury. Upon arrival at Denpasar Airport, our driver will take you on an unforgettable trip of 2 hours and a half all across Bali.

Your days can be spent by doing nothing at all, getting a perfect full tan, 12 hours a day, or more action by swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishermen trips, canoeing, fully equipped gym, massage, billiard and more, all within the resort. Outside the resort you can do bicycle trips, jungle trips, visit waterfalls, visits to local colorful markets and historic temples, where you may attend non-tourist traditional Hindu ceremonies (we can provide you with the appropriate outfit). Besides 8 standard and deluxe rooms, we offer also 6 eco-friendly bungalows at very competitive rates, a private one bed room and a private 2 bed room villa. Bars, discos, supermarkets and the hustle-bustle of Kuta are all far away. The refined traveler will enjoy here the laid-back, traditional Bali in a quiet and open minded, friendly atmosphere with all the modern comforts and absolute elegance in a complete secure compound with uncompromised service. An intimate, stylish and romantic clothes-free resort.

Villa Facilities

Room Facilities

  • Two Large swimming pool
  • Mobile Telephone facilities
  • Satellite TV
  • Library
  • Free flow of tea, coffee and mineral water
  • BBQ facilities
  • Massage and sauna
  • Pool table and gym room
  • Free snorkeling equipment
  • Diving in front of the resort
  • Free bicycles
  • Car rental + driver and guided tours around Bali
  • Postal services
  • Free Wi-fi internet connection throughout the resort (except bungalow area)
  • Air conditioned and ceiling fan
  • Color television and DVD player
  • Mini-bar
  • Welcome drink
  • Hot & Cold running water
Bungalow Facilities
  • Ceiling fan
  • Hot and Cold running water
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