19 rainforest hotels in Bali tucked away in lush paradise

Bali rainforest Resort

Resort / March 20, 2023

Alassari Plantation is quite simply a magical place. After over 20 years of visiting Bali I have never stayed up in the mountains before - this has now changed forever...

The sounds of the rainforest, the natural beauty in every direction and the amazing luxury resort villas, amenities and plantation grounds are so beautifully presented - what way to escape the real world. Craig, Val and the Alassari staff were such lovely hosts.

As a bit of an adventurous type, highlights for me were exploring the tropical plantation paradise through various trails and bridges, swimming in natural mineral spas and our guided jungle and temple tour with Craig in the Mount Batukaru Rainforest - all very invigorating and educational too.

My spa treatments, the delicious fresh food, the drinks (gorgeous cocktails and even champagne!), yoga bale, the gym, and the stunning views over Bali out to sea from the restaurant were all amazing.

Whether you what to relax in the tranquility, get out there and explore, or enjoy a combination of both, I would recommend Alassari Plantation to anyone wanting to discover something special away from the crowds of Bali.

Source: alassari.com