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Bali Island / August 6, 2023



Bali lies between latitude 08 45S and longitude 115 10E, which places it firmly in the topics. Accordingly, average year-round temperatures are a balmy 26°C to 29°C (80°F - 85°F) varying only with altitude. The average temperatures in the central mountains are 18°C to 24°C (64°F - 75°F). Days are generally 12 hours long year-round.

In general, Bali and Lombok have similar weather, though Lombok is dried and receives less rain than Bali. The hot and sticky rainy season lasts October to March with downpours that can obscure all visibility. The wet season brings daily rain with the worst falling between December and February. From June to August, the temperature drops slightly and there is usually a refreshing cool breeze in the air. Humidity is high during the rainy season and better in the dry season.

The popular dry season, referred to as "summer" by the locals even though it is the southern hemisphere, is cooler and much more pleasant. The best time to visit is during the dry season from April to October. This is also high season together with Christmas and New Year, when most hotels and villas will charge higher rates. December and January are characterized by sudden and short thunderstorms in the afternoon, though sometimes it can rain for days, flooding all the rivers and roads. For up-to-date information on weather in Bali go to

Low, High & Peak Season

Low: January 9 to June 30; September 16 to December 20. Low season is a great time to negotiate deals on accommodations and find cheap hotel packages.

High: July; September 1 to September 15; Chinese New Year and Easter week. Accommodation is hard to find and almost as expensive as peak season. Roads aren't as congested as at peak, but it is still difficult to get around with ease.

Peak: August; December 20 to January 9. Although the weather in August is cooler than the rest of the year and there is very little rain, December's weather is hot and humidity is high. During peak season, Bali is bursting at the seams with tourists. The roads become heavily congested and dinner reservations are hard to get. Expect to pay almost double for accommodations; shopkeepers will drive a hard bargain.

Public Holidays

Most of the major Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist holidays are celebrated in Bali. The government also sets a few additional days every year during the year, though Islamic holiday dates change year to year. January: 1 New Year; February: 14 Chinese New Year (2561), 26 Maulid (Birth of the Prophet); March: 16 Nyepi Balinese New Year (1932); April: 2 Good Friday, 28 Waisak Day (Buddha's birthday); May: 13 Ascension Day; August: 17 Indonesia Independence Day; September: 11 and 12 Eid-ul-Fitr Muslim festival to end Ramadan, 13 shared holiday by government decree; November: 17 Idul Adha, cattle sacrifice and hajj pilgrimage; December: 7 Islamic New Year (1432), 25 Christmas.

Major Religious Festivals

On Bali - Festivals and religious events are important features in the social landscape of Bali, and are also permanent fixtures in Balinese daily life. Celebrations in Bali follow a lunar calendar rather than the Western calendar. Thus many major festivals fall on different dates over the years.

While the temple festivals are pretty to witness, a village festival is a rare treat. Most villages have their own annual festivals generally exclusive to their village. They can be enormous spectacles and worth a visit. Take a guide to explain the traditions and help with translations as most people who attend don't speak English. Look out for the Med-medan in Denpasar, Ngerebeg Ceremony in Tegalalang, Usaba Sambah festival, which includes the makare kare and maayunan in Tenangan.

Galungan (May 12, 2010; Dec 8, 2010; July 6, 2011), the most prestigious festival (similar to Christmas on the Western calendar), occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. The festival celebrates the coming of the gods and ancestral spirits to earth to dwell again in the homes of their descendents. Festivities are characterized by offerings, dances, new clothes, plenty of feasting, and visits to family and friends. The celebrations end with Kuningan (May 22, 2010; Dec 18, 2010; July 16, 2011) where the families bid their farewells to the gods and spirits.

Every village in Bali celebrates Galungan and Kuningan by adorning the outside of their houses with a penjor, a decorative tall bamboo pole, about 8m (26 ft.) high, with palm leaves, rice stems, coconuts, and corn. At the end of each of the poles hangs a sampian, a beautiful plaited palm leaf creation. Some poles are decorated with lights similar to a Christmas tree. The poles are usually installed on the Tuesday before Galungan, they should be removed and the ornaments burned after 42 days.

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